St Mary's RC Primary School, Oswaldtwistle

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27th May 20
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St Mary's Oswaldtwistle

SYNOD 2022

'May we try to listen and be silent in order to make space for the beauty of God' (Pope Francis)


Heart Form Using Colored Pencils


Pope Francis wants to hear from you; He is listening!

You have been chosen as Missionary Disciples!

How can you make our Church amazing?


Our school SYNOD calls us to think about our Church and reflect in the presence of God about the needs of our Church and how our Church will evolve in the future

Our SYNOD Questions created by our GIFT Team:

Question 1:

What does Church mean to you?


Question 2:

What makes you go to Church?


Question 3:

What should our Church be like in the future?

Our SYNOD Journey


We talk and pray about the questions as a school



We invite our families and community to reflect on our questions



We share our findings with our Parish Priest and ACT


Our thoughts so far...